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I'm with ya. I just got back from a dog playgroup--it's the closest thing I have right now to socializing outside of work. As I was driving home, I realized that I was aching for my girlfriends. I sat around and talked to people about our dogs and what they've been doing as they played; I really wanted to just cut to the chase and REALLY talk. I miss heart to heart conversations, swapping funny stories, and just sitting with others and feeling close.

Karin Kelsey

I completely understand how you feel! I've been feeling the same way here - and I think its even harder to make friends in Toluca than in DF. Good luck to you!


I think that's the hardest thing about living abroad that we experienced. Once the excitement of being in a new place wears off, you have to deal with the loneliness exacerbated by culture shock or at least cultural differences, not to mention the ridiculous amount of money it costs to call back to the States! I hate missing people more than anything else in the world and the more places I've lived (all of which I loved), the more people I miss. I empathize. Thanks for your kind words on my blog!


I'm so sorry you're lonely. It appears that we all are. For me, it's been being surrounded by "friends" I've made here who continue to show themselves not the MezAmiz kind. I am busy and have much to distract me, but sometimes it washes over me that I'm surrounded by people who think the relationship we have is the "good stuff", but I know the difference, because I have the blessing of true friendship and the bittersweet knowledge that although I can't see you or any of our others at the moment when I need you all, I know you are there and we will savor our next hour or day together all the more deeply, knowing the ache of being apart.

much love to you, alisabeth.


ay. . .mi amor. entiendo, y te extrano muchisimo tambien. a veces estamos solos. . .
te extrano!!!!!!! :) :)

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